Do you ask yourself: Can I learn the Photoshop on my own? Yes, you can master Photoshop in no time.

How to learn Photoshop? Would I be able to learn Photoshop from home on my own? Where should I learn Photoshop, where should I start? These all questions are very familiar to me. I remember starting out, not knowing a thing about this amazing program from Adobe. It was an overwhelming experience and believe me I was quitting and starting about 3 years till I got absolutely obsessed with learning Photoshop.


Problem is you don´t know what is the first thing you should learn. You would find here some useful information and tips on how to start as well as my own experience and reference where to go. There are some amazing platforms that helped me to efficiently learn Photoshop from scratch.


Mastering Photoshop is to understand the approach “One brick at a time “



Trying to learn everything at once cost me about 3 years. So don´t believe when they say: “When you are into something it would be easy and you will be motivated all the time.” You wouldn´t. Believe me. You would start thinking this is maybe not for you and you have chosen the wrong thing. And one day you will find out this happens with everything you start.

I recommend starting with a small basic step. And then repeat them over and over again and add new elements you learned. This is what I gathered along the way. 


Repetition is the King

To learn anything new requires willpower to start and to repeat what you already know. It is very easy to forget most of the skills you have gained. Especially at the beginning. Your brain is tries to protect you and puts this information into background so you can concentrate on something more essential. That is why without repetition we as a human race are forgetting almost everything not used regularly. 


Getting started the right way

So, Photoshop is an amazing Program and it could be your best friend if you master how to use it. But especially at the beginning it could really be frustrating. It is not exactly that type of software, where you spontaneously know what to do.

You are presented with a grey board and nothing more. The tools that are supposed to

be helping you might not even be visible. So the very first thing you would like to do is to go to window and make sure the icon “Tools” at the very bottom is selected.

It seems know that you are all set up. But the problem is you could still be lost. So in order to get started you have to open and image or create a new document. It depends on what are you looking for to create. If you want to primarily correct or edit an image then go to FILE-OPEN-and choose a picture you would like to work on.


If you want to create a graphic or anything similar to that you would have to go to FILE-NEW and you will get this window.

Here you have more options- on the left side there are templates with custom dimensions. So feel free to choose from them and don´t worry. You will be able to change it afterwards. On the right side you can put in your own dimensions and you can as well choose your prefered form of measurement from pixels to picas from the drop down menu. You can change your color mode- depending on your final destination- whether your art will be used in web or print.

So RGB stands for RED, GREEN and BLUE- this a color profile for web. Mixing these three colors are all the other colors being created. CMYK means CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and KEY- which means BLACK. This is the same Principe, only this time in print.

So now you are all set up, click that create button and let´s get started.


FIVERR LEARN– The way I started

I have wanted to learn how to make money online since I was about 17. Back then I was buying and selling cellphones and trying to make extra cash with writing reviews. Then I was trying multiple things and one of them was also Fiverr. Soon I have realized I do not have enough skills to make it work and sell my services. They recommended to me taking one of their classes.

It was about 22$ for the course Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals and I thought that is not that much money. I can afford that easily. So I was very surprised of the value I was getting. There were actually more lessons than I expected. The guy was going into deep. He was explaining the things I have learned over and over again so I was able to remember everything he taught me.

I have kept learning and took some more classes from FIVERR LEARN and eventually this is how I got most of my skills in Photoshop. The thing is, it helped me to organize and really understand the concept of Photoshop and it helped me to see what I should be learning first.

When you are just beginning I highly recommend trying to take at least one course from FIVERR LEARN and see for yourself if it is worth it. They have also made a video for you so you can visualize how much value you will be getting out of it.


SKILLSHARE– more than a website

Skillshare is another powerful Platform I recommend to anyone who want to constantly improve the skills and maybe learn some new one. Skillshare comes with a monthly subscription and for that you can get access to any educational video lesson. You can find there highly valuable lessons taught by professionals in their field.

You can also get one month free so you can taste what is is like to have access to all the educational system they are providing. You can cancel anytime. This way you will get the value first, before you purchase anything, which I really appreciate.

Moreover Skillshare is also a platform where you can create your website from templates, your own domain and much more. So don´t be afraid to try it out.


What to do now? Where to learn Photoshop?

Through my journey I have learned I need to invest first in myself and then I can collect the fruits. And this is what I suggest you to do. Invest in your skills and abilities to get better at anything you would like to master. It will pay dividend eventually even if you are not able to see that right away.

I encourage you to learn the first steps from fiverr learn because you will be told exactly what do learn first second etc. so it makes sense and everything falls together.

You can then decide for yourself if you want to continue or try something else. But these are from my point of view two most powerful platforms where you can learn Photoshop fast and efficient, without searching for one puzzle that does not match with the one you already have. To build a house you need to know how to build the base first.


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