Hi and welcome to KRISTILE photo. It is nice to see you here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kristina and I am a passionate Product Photographer, Video Editor and Photoshop addict.


I started to use my camera when I was about 10 years old. I used to save the money I got for Birthdays or Christmas to purchase the half of my very first camera. I took pictures all around me. Then my mum bought one day video recorder and I was editing the footage she made from all our trips.

But as the time goes by and you are supposed to make responsible choices I have forgotten what brings joy into my life, what makes me to be better “One brick at a time” each day without the feeling being forced to do so. So for a long time Photography, Video and Editing was not a part of my life. I got to the University only to find out, that this was not for me. Then I got a job and after that another one, which wasn´t really fullfiling at all and there was always something missing.

So I tried everything I could think of to find my purpose. But you know how it ends when you try so hard. I wasn´t able to find the meaning I was looking for and I was constantly quitting everything. Then I thought this is because I am not persistent and my discipline is just so bad that I won´t be succesful at all. Not realizing I was just chasing the wrong thing.

What happened was that I accidentally ended up with the things I started with at the first place. I saw this beautiful Photoshop Manipulation and I was like I want to know how he did that. So I watched a video, then another one and another one. I ended up learning Photoshop in a no time, because that was everything I was doing for 3 months. Along the way I was also immersed in Product Photography and soon I was able to find my first Photography-Graphic Job.


Concept Kristile is about helping others to get where they want to be. I know there are many people exactly like I am. Trying to find their way and to do something meaningful, but really struggling to find it.

I was often very overwhelmed with all the new information that I was gathering and I had the tendency to quit. So one day I found the quote “One brick at a time” and I thought, that this is really powerful. The point is if you get better even 1% every day- after a year you would be 365% better as you used to be.

To find a meaning in your life you have to do something to help others but at a same time it needs to be something you really enjoy doing so it wouldn´t feel like work at all. This way it would be the most efficient for the world, because world needs you with your special something.

If you are not able to find it yet, don´t worry. I wasn´t either. Everybody has a different timing, but as long as you are looking for it I can guarantee you will find it.


So I thought- my passion is Photography, Photoshop, Editing and all about it. So there has to be a way to help others and to be able to do what I love full time. So I started to build this concept KRISTILE which actually means Style of Kristina-aka my own style.

The Purpose of this site is to give you relevant information about the topics I personally understand and love. All the content you will find here is supposed to help you to get better “One brick at a time” as that is the same way I managed to pursue my goals. You will start to have the feeling you are building your own style with your own identity, which will effortlessly push you to do more.

I also started my own YOUTUBE channel KRIstile production with Photoshop Tutorials for everyone who wants to learn. If you want to check out my INSTAGRAM feel free to do so.

So start your 1% today

All the best,


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